Driving an electrical car in winter…

The response after letting people test in 2015 – Great car, Great experience, however:

I need a 4X4? And cold temperatures will decrease performance… Lets see in winter conditions…

Such where the comments about the Nissan vehicle from the persons that tested the electrical van last autumn.

How has it really been?

Driving around in the worst Verbier Winter conditions with a Nissan 100% electrical van – no problems. We have tested the Nissan Van over the winter and it works great! The traction created by the electrical drive facilitates driving in slippery conditions. The cold weather do affect the charge time and the energy consumption – this is a technology issue but also that in winter we like to have some heat and we do need some defrosting… does not beat a 4X4 but its keeps up with other front wheel drive vehicles. And at very very low cost and no direct emissions nor pollution!

PS. Almost too quiet … while driving up Rue de Medran people walking up towards Medran don’t notice you are driving just behind them..


Test drive an electrical car!


Have you test driven an electrical car? Thanks to Nissan Suisse, this is now possible here in Verbier or in Le Chable. Take it for a ride or test it for a day! Can it fit your needs?

To reserve a test drive then please send an email to info@verbieri.com specifying which date and time for how long. The car can be picked up at le Hermitage parking in Verbier or in Curala parking in Le Chable.



Due to insurance and legal issues this opportunity is only allowed for persons being primary residents or secondary residence of Commune de Bagnes.

Electrical car tests to start


Nissan LEAF                                                                        Nissan E NV 200 “EVALIA”

Thanks to Nissan Suisse Verbier Institute is about to start a few small projects testing electrical cars in and around Verbier. There will be a E NV 200 Evalia running around during the summer for about 3 weeks.  There will be a Nissan Leaf, compact car, 5 seater available to test during the summer but also running into the winter. To know more about this – just send an email to info@verbieri.com and we will get back to you!

Et Vous, comment vous déplacez-vous?

Les TMR (Transports de Martigny et Régions SA) et la commune de Bagnes lancent une enquête destinée à tous les usagers de Verbier pour mieux connaitre les déplacements de la station et améliorer la mobilité et le cadre de vie à Verbier.
Que vous soyez résident, propriétaire de résidence secondaire, travailleur, saisonnier, touriste, ou simplement de passage à Verbier pour diverses raisons, vous pouvez répondre à l’enquête par un simple clic, cela ne prendre que 10mn.
Voici le lien pour participer.


Test week of Nissan e-NV 200 in Verbier


A week of testing the Nissan eNV200 100% electric vehicle with local business. The objective is to test the car, its capacity under winter conditions and get feed back from companies that are in need of daily local transport. We believe that the electrical cars have reached the point where as long as the proper infrastructure exists its time to seriously consider them as an alternative. One of the questions we have is how the autonomy is affected when you drive in mountains. Going up drains the battery but going down charges the battery – relative to driving on flat land what will the outcome be. How will a front wheel electrical vehicle perform on snow? How does cold temperatures affect battery life?

Thanks to Nissan Switzerland and Nissan Garage – Autoconsult in Sion we are able to do this test. Here is some information of the E-NV 200

Any one interested please contact: info@verbieri.com




VIMF 2014 will focus on two aspects:

  • Electric and hybrid vehicles; and
  • Shared mobility’ i.e. mobility solutions born out of the shared economy

Innovative format

The VMIF is neither a conference nor a  ‘talk shop’. It is an expert forum. Its unique features are:

  • Participation is by invitation only and restricted to experts. This intimate setting will enable high quality interaction amongst participants;  and
  • The knowledge platform created through the VIFM will also have a tangible impact, since it will be leveraged to launch regional/local projects.

Verbier Institute launch a success!

IMG_2878[VERBIER INSTITUTE] On August 29-30, more than 150 people participated in the launch of the Verbier Institute.

During the opening cocktail reception, Anders Sjostedt and Michael Mathres did a speech about the Verbier Institute and its vision. Delegates learned about its origins and its 10-year vision.


President of the Commune de Bagnes, Eloi Rossier, with Anders Sjostedt


Michael Mathres and John Elkington discussing sustainability on Swiss train.

The next day, the launch event started at 10.00am with a passionate speech by the Commune de Bagnes President, Mr Eloi Rossier. He explained how sustainability was important to the region, and that despite its challenges, sustainability is part of the economic development of Verbier.

Then there was a small presentation by John Elkington, Chairman of Volans, who discussed the macro trends of sustainability, and its main challenges for the next 10 years, with a focus on his new book “The Breakthrough Challenge“.


Full house listening to the plenary panel

This was followed by an inspiring panel discussion with Julia Groves, CEO, Trillion Fund, Aleyn Smith-Gillespie, VP, Carbon Trust, André Schneider, VP, EPFL and John Elkington. Each speaker gave their a brief outlook of their experience in the sustainability sector and what they are focusing on to pioneer sustainability globally and in their respective organisations.


Starwood Executive, Alexandra Leclerc giving a workshop on Sustainability and Tourism

After the panel discussion, there were two workshops. One on hotel and sustainability given by Starwood, and another about the Carbon Zero programme for Verbier until 2025. Many ideas and suggestions were suggested in both workshops. An outcome report will be written in due course.


Aleyn Smith-Gillespie of Carbon Trust giving a workshop on Carbon Zero in Verbier

The event continued with a passionate speech about art, communications and sustainability from Per Arnoldi, a famous artist from Denmark. He told the crowd a story about his encounter with President Bill Clinton and how you can transform intangible emotions into effective communications.


Per Arnoldi, Danish Artist and Designer, telling stories about Bill Clinton, communications and sustainability

After the lunch, 50 delegates participated in our first Telecabine networking. This is a new concept where everyone was asked to discuss a particular sustainability challenge in the telecabine, and suggest solutions before they arrived at the top of the mountain.


Delegates walk the talk for Art and sustainability in the Alps

After the telecabine networking, all delegates walked down the mountain and discussed sustainability and art. The event ended back in Verbier with a closing drinks reception for everyone.


Closing cocktails at the Verbier telecabine station