The response after letting people test in 2015 – Great car, Great experience, however:

I need a 4X4? And cold temperatures will decrease performance… Lets see in winter conditions…

Such where the comments about the Nissan vehicle from the persons that tested the electrical van last autumn.

How has it really been?

Driving around in the worst Verbier Winter conditions with a Nissan 100% electrical van – no problems. We have tested the Nissan Van over the winter and it works great! The traction created by the electrical drive facilitates driving in slippery conditions. The cold weather do affect the charge time and the energy consumption – this is a technology issue but also that in winter we like to have some heat and we do need some defrosting… does not beat a 4X4 but its keeps up with other front wheel drive vehicles. And at very very low cost and no direct emissions nor pollution!

PS. Almost too quiet … while driving up Rue de Medran people walking up towards Medran don’t notice you are driving just behind them..